Otázka č. 1:
When ____ arrive?
Otázka č. 2:
Who ____ all this mess?
Otázka č. 3:
He´s French but he ____ in London at the moment.
Otázka č. 4:
What ____ of doing now?
Otázka č. 5:
I ____ so tired that I went to bed shortly after dinner.
Otázka č. 6:
Have you told them the good news ____ ?
Otázka č. 7:
____ Thai food?
Otázka č. 8:
We ____ to work yesterday when we heard a loud crash behind us.
Otázka č. 9:
They realised they ____ to take her address so they had to go back and get it.
Otázka č. 10:
He ____ there before so he found it very exciting.
Otázka č. 11:
We ____ on holiday tomorrow so I hope the weather stays warm.
Otázka č. 12:
They ____ to call at this time of night. It´s very late.
Otázka č. 13:
Do you think they ____ the championship?
Otázka č. 14:
The room ____ look more cheerful if you paint it yellow.
Otázka č. 15:
He ____ to pass his driving test this time. He´s making too many mistakes.
Otázka č. 16:
People ____ smoke in public buildings. It is not allowed.
Otázka č. 17:
You ____ enter the marathon if you don´t want to.
Otázka č. 18:
My advice is that you ____ find another job. You can´t work with that awful boss any more.
Otázka č. 19:
I ____ be very good at sports when I was a teenager.
Otázka č. 20:
She ____ often sit in the garden after coming home from work.
Otázka č. 21:
Swimming is one of the ____ ways to get fit.
Otázka č. 22:
The red shoes were ____ expensive than the black ones.
Otázka č. 23:
That shop´s not ____ it used to be.
Otázka č. 24:
We ____ have to leave yet, do we?
Otázka č. 25:
His father was a famous writer, ____?
Otázka č. 26:
I can´t work if I ____ very hungry.
Otázka č. 27:
He won´t pass the exam ____ he doesn´t study hard for it.
Otázka č. 28:
Could I borrow your car if I ____ to drive it carefully?
Otázka č. 29:
He ____ see the film if he went with an adult.
Otázka č. 30:
If I ____ you, I´d take it back to the shop.
Otázka č. 31:
How long have you ____ the violin?
Otázka č. 32:
I ____ listening to jazz music.
Otázka č. 33:
He ____ swim by the time he was five but he hasn´t learnt to dive yet.
Otázka č. 34:
We ___ to go to the match but we managed to watch it on TV.
Otázka č. 35:
I´ve just seen ____ perfect car for you?
Otázka č. 36:
I didn´t know they had a summer cottage ____ south coast of Spain.
Otázka č. 37:
They seem to have ____ money but they don´t have many friends.
Otázka č. 38:
We don´t have ____ time to go on holiday.
Otázka č. 39:
That´s the beach ____ I first met your father.
Otázka č. 40:
Is that the coat ____ you said you wanted to buy?
Otázka č. 41:
I´ve got a new job, ____ is why I´ve moved to Brussels.
Otázka č. 42:
We ____ arrived on time if the traffic hadn´t been so bad.
Otázka č. 43:
What ____ if you hadn´t been there?
Otázka č. 44:
They ____ told what to do yet.
Otázka č. 45:
Their furniture ____ by Anne´s husband, who used to be a carpenter.
Otázka č. 46:
They didn´t want to stay late but the boss said they ___ to.
Otázka č. 47:
She said she ____ to do it last weekend.
Otázka č. 48:
I asked her if she ____ my new mobile.
Otázka č. 49:
He promised ____ me decorate my house.
Otázka č. 50:
Why don´t we ____ to take them to the airport?

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