Otázka č. 1:
____ does that jacket cost?
Otázka č. 2:
____ did you leave your job?
Otázka č. 3:
They ____ fly to India.
Otázka č. 4:
____ you like a coffee?
Otázka č. 5:
I ____ to go home now.
Otázka č. 6:
She ____ in Belgium at the moment.
Otázka č. 7:
Nick ____ gets up at 7 o´clock and leaves for work at 8 o´clock. He does this every day from Monday to Friday.
Otázka č. 8:
We go shopping ____ month.
Otázka č. 9:
I´m not keen on ____ .
Otázka č. 10:
What ____ tonight?
Otázka č. 11:
Are you ____ the new exhibition at the National Gallery?
Otázka č. 12:
____ laptop is that? Is it Bob´s?
Otázka č. 13:
I have never ____ a dangerous sport.
Otázka č. 14:
____ he ever flown in a helicopter?
Otázka č. 15:
You ____ be late for school again.
Otázka č. 16:
You ____ wear a suit. It´s a very formal party.
Otázka č. 17:
I ____ dinner when I heard a strange noise.
Otázka č. 18:
When did she decide ____ married?
Otázka č. 19:
We should avoid ____ in August.
Otázka č. 20:
He´s studied Spanish ____ last year.
Otázka č. 21:
I don´t think I ____ get the job. I didn´t answer all their questions in the interview very well.
Otázka č. 22:
She ____ here this weekend.
Otázka č. 23:
We haven´t seen them ____ years.
Otázka č. 24:
How long have you ____ him?
Otázka č. 25:
I ____ wear a uniform to school.
Otázka č. 26:
Did they ____ in Australia?
Otázka č. 27:
She´s moving to Canada ____ she can study English.
Otázka č. 28:
I travelled around the world for a year ____ learn about other cultures.
Otázka č. 29:
He married the girl ____ used to sit next to him at school.
Otázka č. 30:
Children spend ____ hours watching TV.
Otázka č. 31:
I don´t have ____ to do the things I enjoy.
Otázka č. 32:
Can I try this coat ____, please?
Otázka č. 33:
It´s ____ beautiful house I´ve ever seen.
Otázka č. 34:
There´s more traffic and ____ space to walk in the streets nowadays.
Otázka č. 35:
I think travelling by plane is ____ easier than travelling by car.
Otázka č. 36:
She worked as a teacher in ____ Africa.
Otázka č. 37:
They live in ____ south of France.
Otázka č. 38:
He ____ to work in his company´s office in Shanghai.
Otázka č. 39:
I ____ that I´m like my father.
Otázka č. 40:
The postman hasn´t delivered the parcel ____.
Otázka č. 41:
My brother ____ passed his exams.
Otázka č. 42:
A lot of people think that when they ___, they´ll have lots of free time, but offen they don´t.
Otázka č. 43:
What ____ happen if he doesn´t get here in time?
Otázka č. 44:
If you save some money, you ____ to worry any more.
Otázka č. 45:
He ____ me my book would be a great success.
Otázka č. 46:
She told me she ____ buy me a new phone.
Otázka č. 47:
What would they do if they ____ have any money?
Otázka č. 48:
I´d do more exercise if I ____ time.
Otázka č. 49:
____ be possible to reserve a table for tonight?
Otázka č. 50:
Could you ____ a good film?

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